The Most Powerful User Feedback SDK for Apps

Send customizable In-app surveys and collect users’ feedback in-app. Prioritize your backlog with Instabug’s feature requests, allowing your users to choose your product’s upcoming features.

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Why Mobile-First Companies Choose Instabug over Apptentive


Collect Feedback with In-App Surveys

Send NPS Surveys with App Store Reviews

Send Targeted and Opt-In Surveys

In-App Reply to Users Who Experienced a Crash

In-App Bug Reporting and Feedback

Opt-in User Screen Recording and Annotation While Submitting Feedback

Backlog Prioritization According to Bug Severity

Network Logs Attached with Bug Reports

App Events with Each Bug Report

Backlog Prioritization According to Bug Severity

Features Requests Collection from Users

View Hierarchy Inspection for UI Errors

In-App Reply Back to Your Users and Beta Testers

Instabug vs Apptentive: A Deeper Dive


Boost Response Rates With In-App Surveys

Forget about e-mail surveys with low open rates and even lower response rates. Instabug users report survey response rates as high as 50% because the surveys are shown right inside their apps.


Use Targeting to Survey the Right Users at the Right Time

Whether you’re asking about quality of service, your checkout flow, a specific feature, or brand perception, you can show your surveys contextually right after your users have experienced what you’re asking about so that you can get their feedback when it’s fresh in their minds.


Why Developers and Product Managers
Choose Instabug over Apptentive

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