Top Mobile App Intelligence Tools

Mobile App Intelligence tools give you access to mobile app market data. Details include everything from app downloads, user retention, and activity to historical rankings, ratings, reviews, keywords, as well as advertising campaigns, creatives, and impressions. This makes mobile app intelligence tools perfect to keep an eye on your competitors, compare your app to theirs…

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add constraints programmatically

Creating UI Elements Programmatically Using PureLayout

Welcome to part two of Creating UIViews Programmatically Using PureLayout. In the first part, we built a simple mobile application’s UI completely in code without the use of Storyboards or NIBs. In this tutorial, we will cover some of the most used UI elements in all applications: UINavigationController/Bar UITableView Self-sizing UITableViewCell   UINavigationController Explained In an…

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Instabug Product Updates

SDK V8.1

New classes, properties, and APIs to give you more control   In order to give you more control over the Instabug products you use, new classes and properties have been introduced and various APIs have been moved, renamed, and deprecated. These changes affect users of all Instabug products across all OS platforms, so please update to…

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top mobile app a/b testing tools

Top Mobile App A/B Testing Tools

Mobile app A/B testing tools allow you to create randomized experiments using two or more variants to compare the performance of different alternatives and figure out which one works best for your mobile app. These alternatives can be anything from buttons to copy, images, buttons, and more. This can help you improve your mobile app’s…

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