Organized In-App Feature Requests for Mobile Apps

Collect Feature Requests in One Place

Own a single channel where all your users’ feature requests are submitted from inside your app. Add your ideas to the list and let your users vote for ideas submitted by others or added by you.

Prioritize Your Backlog

Give your users a voice, understand their needs, and determine their most common pain points. See the top voted ideas and measure the urgency of each feature.

Feature Requests Dashboard

Offer a Discussion Board

Your users can add their thoughts and see all comments made about each idea. Engage with them to ask for details and reply to questions and concerns.

Tailor a Customer-Driven Product

Engaging with your users in a discussion will help you understand the need behind their requests and tailor and prioritize your backlog that is tackling their real pain and intuitively solving it.

Discussion Board for Feature Requests

Set a Status for Each Request

Update the status of any posted idea and let your users know if it is Planned, Started, Completed, or Maybe Later. Status updates can be noted in the timeline of each feature request.

Keep Your Users in the Loop

With every status change, you show your users that their voice matters. Identify early adopters and engage beta testers who are eager to try out new features to get additional feedback from them.

Set a Status for Each Feature Request

Have Ultimate Control

Manually call Instabug’s Feature Requests API. Edit the titles and descriptions of submitted ideas. Delete out-of-scope feature requests and off-topic or spam comments.

Keep It Private From Competitors

Show your feature requests list to all of your users or keep it private.

Have Ultimate Control Over Your Feature Requests

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