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How Instabug Works

Client Shakes to Report

Your clients will shake to report bugs and provide you with feedback.  Receive comprehensive data and reports in your dashboard with all the details to triage and diagnose errors.


Integrate Instabug with Trello, Asana and more to forward bugs to your tools. Enhance your freelancing process and speed up your delivery time and hop on to your next project!

Deliver Awesome Apps


It takes less than a minute to integrate Instabug, and supports iOS, Android, Cross Platform and Unity.  Our support team would love to answer any questions you might have.

Integrate the SDK


Bug Reporter Between You and Client

With each bug report, we automatically capture a screenshot that your client can draw on to highlight or blur parts of it. Also, your clients can attach other screenshots, voice notes, or even attach a screen recording of the app!

Even more, clients can attach screen recordings to show an animation bug or to show you the steps to reproduce a certain bug. They can also narrate the video to describe what they're recording.

Get Video Attachments From Clients

Instabug SDK grabs all the logs you need to fix the bug by automatically attaching automated steps to reproduce, network request logs and view hierarchy inspection with no need for breadcrumbs.

Get Super Detailed Bug Reports


Affordable, because it is zero.



  • Bug Reporting and In-App Feedback
  • Screenshot Attachment
  • Environment Snapshot
  • Report Categories

1 Team Member

1 Apps

1 mo Data Retention


How Is It Totally Free?

Instabug provides paid and enterprise plans for big customers from around the world. This allows us to provide a really good Free Plan. The Free Plan has a maximum of one-month data retention and one app. 

You can stay on the Free Plan or choose to upgrade, that's completely up to you.

What do our people say?

"Instabug helps us aggregate user feedback to identify issues and learn more about our users’ flow and needs. It helps us uphold our commitment to responding to each and every report we get."

Kimberly Kalb

Head of Marketing at Houseparty

"Instabug makes it easier for our beta testers to quickly send feedback right from within the app, helping us identify and fix critical issues." 

Billy Pham

Beta Program Manager at Lyft

"The users love shaking the device to send in feedback! Not to mention the ‘user steps’ tracking that gives the developers a great idea of what the user did to run into a bug."

Nishant Asthana

Sr Engineering Manager at eBay

Integrate the SDK with just one line of code!

No Credit Card Required.

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