Bug Reporting and In-App Chat for Unity Games

Receive comprehensive bug reports for your Unity games that will help you debug, fix, and build better games, faster!

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Receive More Feedback From Your Users

Let your users send bugs they experience by simply shaking their phone or swiping. Get it without interrupting their gaming experience. Don't waste time trying to reproduce a bug; spend your time fixing it!

Get Detailed Bug Reports for All Your Unity Apps

Instabug automatically captures all the details that you need, leading up to the bug, so you can easily reproduce bugs and start fixing them.

Report bugs from your mobile application

Talk With Your Users

Let your users talk to you and give you feedback freely. Respond to their questions and queries right from within your game.

Send Actionable Messages

Add buttons from your Instabug dashboard to send your users to your FAQs or to collect reviews.

Reply back to users from your unity game

Steps to Get Started

  1. Add Instabug from the Unity Asset Store.

  2. Add an empty GameObject to your project, and add the InstabugiOS script component to it.

  3. Click on Add Component, search for InstabugiOS, and add it to the game object.

  4. Add your app token, and change the invocation event from Unity's Inspector directly.