Instabug Web SDK 1.1.1-beta

Instabug web sdk is a javascript library provides an easy way to report bugs from your website or webapp.
To use the sdk you need to have application_token, you can get it from your Instabug Dashboard

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Instabug Web SDK requires no special requirements, and has no dependecies on other liberaries or frameworks, and has been tested in all modern browsers with LocalStorage capability

Manual Installation

You can include instabug web sdk to your website just copy the below lines into the end of your page <body> tag

<script src=''></script>

bower installation (recommended)

You can install the SDK using

bower install instabug-sdk --save

Initialize the SDK

After including the sdk js file, you can start it by invoke the .init() method and pass the application token as parameter

                token: <INSTABUG_APP_TOKEN>

API reference


the init function is used to used to initialize the SDK and render the report bug button.


options: Object required - pass the application token


used to hide the report bug button


used to show the report bug button