Dynamic In-App Chat for Mobile Apps

Drop the Email Composer

Don't interrupt your users’ experience and make them quit your app to talk to you through emails or Twitter. With Instabug, everything is done directly from within your app with minimal effort for your users providing a much better experience compared to the decade old email composer that has the reputation of being discarded.

Reduce Negative Reviews by 80%

App stores shouldn't be places where your users report bugs or send you feedback. You can easily divert those negative comments by using Instabug and let your users talk directly to you.

Talk to Your Users In-App

Send Actionable Messages

You can also add buttons to the messages that you send to your users, all from within the support chat. You can use this to send them the download link of your latest app version or a link to your app store page to post a review.

Drive More 5-Star Reviews

Once you delight your users with an exceptional support experience, that’s the perfect time to ask them for an app store review in return. Users will appreciate your responsiveness.

Send Actionable Messages to Your Users
Instabug’s messaging ability has enabled us to quickly close the loop with testers and keep them engaged as vital members of our testing team. I can’t see us continuing to develop our app without it.
Talton Figgins

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Experience a Two-way Integration With Your Help Desk

Whether you’re using Zendesk, FreshDesk, or JSD, we’ve got you covered. Instabug keeps the chat that you have with your user in sync with the thread on your help desk, so you can reply back from Zendesk and your user will be automatically notified through our SDK. Keep using your current tools with no friction.

Autorespond with Actionable messages

Create rules to automate your workflow. So you can set a minimum version that you support and auto reply to other users with a download link for the latest version. Or you can automatically ask your users for app store reviews whenever you close a ticket.

Supported Desk Tools

Escalate Tickets to Your Developers

You can escalate a support ticket that you have with your user to create a bug report for your developers to work on. The bug report will be created with all the details that your developer will need to fix the bug.

Have All the Team on the Same Dashboard

Whether you’re a big team with several support agents and developers, or an indie that does everything yourself, Instabug is catered to your use-case. You can have each team working on a separate page while maintaining the integrity of the data.

Create a Bug Report to Escalate to Your Developers

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