In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting for Mobile Apps

Gather comprehensive feedback from your beta testers and have live conversations with your users

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Drive 5 Star Reviews

Provide the best in-app support experience for your users. Push your most active users to app stores, while offering your angry users a private channel to provide feedback.

Fix Bugs Faster

Instabug captures user steps, network logs, view hierarchy and all device details to help you know exactly why a bug happened, so you can spend your time fixing rather than debugging.

Get Product Feedback

Allow your users and beta testers to send their feedback and report bugs, directly from within your app, by attaching screenshots, voice notes or even screen recording to better express themselves.

Customizable SDK that only requires a minute and 2 lines of code to get started

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Squash Bugs in Your Beta Apps

Get more feedback from your beta testers with in-app feedback, screenshots and screen recordings. Fix bugs faster with automatic steps to reproduce, network logs and view hierarchy details.

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Retain Users in Your Live Apps

Provide the best in-app support experience for your users, and push your happy users to give 5-star ratings. Drive negative feedback away from app stores and turn angry users to loyal fans.

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Integrate Your Favourite Tools

Receive detailed bug reports and user feedback on your bug tracker or support desk without disrupting your team's workflow

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