The Complete Solution for React Native Apps

Take your app quality and stability to the next level with the Instabug SDK for React Native.

The Complete Solution for React Native Apps

The Complete Solution for Mobile Apps

Bug <br> Reporting

Detect bugs and release with confidence

Crash <br> Reporting

Identify and resolve severe crashes

App Performance Monitoring
App Performance Monitoring

Improve your user experience quality


Spot Bugs Related to Server-Side Requests

Make it easier for your beta testers and users to send feedback with Instabug's in-app user feedback and bug reporting SDK. We will automatically capture details like the network requests, repro steps, and session details to help you debug and fix issues easily.


See Native and JavaScript Crash Stack Trace

Get real-time crash reports with stack trace details, steps to reproduce the crash, device and session data, and more. You can also reply to affected users to update them about a fix or ask for more details.


Enhance Your User Experience Quality

Stay on top of critical issues affecting your users' experience before they even complain. With the help of mobile-focused performance metrics, confidently prioritize between fixing issues and building new features. Don't waste time debugging and spot the exact conditions leading to performance issues.


Simple Steps to Get Started

  • 1- Open the command line and navigate to your React Native directory. Then, run the following command.
    npm install instabug-reactnative
  • 2- Link the bridging files in the npm package to the ios project by running the following command. Make sure you have Ruby installed before running this last command.
    react-native link instabug-reactnative
  • 3- To start using Instabug, import it into your "index.ios.js” and "" file. Starting from React Native version 0.49 you can import Instabug in your App.js only.
    import Instabug from 'instabug-reactnative';

IOS Configuration

  • 4-Then initialize it in the constructor or componentWillMount
    Instabug.startWithToken( "YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE", [Instabug.invocationEvent.shake]);

Android Configuration

  • 5-Open “android/app/src/main/java/[...]/”, locate the getPackages method, and add your app token which you will get upon signup.
        protected List getPackages() {
            return Arrays.asList(
                    new MainReactPackage(),
                    new RNInstabugReactnativePackage.Builder("YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE",MainApplication.this)
You can also check out our API Reference for more detailed information about our SDK.

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