Secure Crash Reporting With Real-Time Alerts

Immediately identify critical crashes, communicate the fixes with users, and bring them back to your app.

Secure Crash Reporting With Real-Time Alerts

Instantly Receive Comprehensive Crash Reports

Get a detailed report of the stack trace, the running environment, the steps to reproduce the crash, network request logs, and more. All this data is grabbed automatically with no need for any breadcrumbs.

Know Exactly Why Your Mobile App is Crashing

Instabug will tell you exactly which line of code caused the crash and help you differentiate between JavaScript and native iOS or Android code. View aggregated crashes based on severity and crash frequency to help you get an overview on your app performance and how it changes over time.


Reply Back to Users and Automate Your Workflow

Reply to one, some, or all affected users of a crash. You can include a saved reply, action button, or attachments. Inform them about the new app version containing the fix, or ask for more details to help you reproduce a crash.

An illustration showing Instabug logo connected to other famous 3rd party tools indicating it's compatibility with them

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Tools

Maintain your existing workflow. The Instabug SDK works with the top tools for bug tracking, project management, support desks, and more. Whether you're using Jira, GitHub, Slack, Trello, Zendesk, or others, we have you covered.

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