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With reproduction steps and crash insights, you'll be able to spot patterns and detect the exact lines that caused the bug in your app. Your data is always secure. Join Instabug and be part of the top apps in the world relying on us.

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Why Mobile-First Companies Choose Instabug over Bugsnag

Retrace App Events Leading to a Crash

Know Exactly Why Your Mobile App is Crashing

Get Crash Insights and Spot Patterns

In-App Reply to Users Who Experienced a Crash

In-App Bug Reporting and Feedback

User Annotations While Submitting Feedback

Network Logs Attached with Bug Reports

UI Elements with Each Bug Report

Feedback Collection with User Surveys

View Hierarchy Inspection for UI Errors

In-App Reply Back to Your Users and Beta Testers

Instabug vs Bugsnag: A Deeper Dive


Know Exactly Why Your Mobile App Is Crashing and Get Complete Stack Trace

With each crash report, Instabug captures a detailed report of the running environment, the different threads’ states, the steps to reproduce the crash, and the network request logs. All the data is grabbed automatically with no need for breadcrumbs. Instabug reports this with all the stack trace information on all the running threads. You can also use it to log your handled exceptions or errors even if it doesn’t crash the app.


Reply Back to Your Users Who Experienced a Crash and Be on Top of Your Users

If you’d like to ask your user for more details or you want to let them know that you’ve fixed this crash, you can easily reply back to them with a press of a button. Users will be notified through email, push notification, and in-app chat notification.


Why Developers and Product Managers
Choose Instabug over Bugsnag

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