Experience a Streamlined App Beta Testing Process

Allow your beta testers to send their feedback and report bugs directly from within the app, just shake your phone! And get a screenshot, all the device details and steps-to-reproduce with each bug reported

Get 750% More Feedback

Feedback is crucial but you don't want to get flooded by user feedback in your inbox. We've made it really easy for your testers to send feedback but we've made it much easier for you to view them on our organized dashboard.

Fix Bugs Faster

Instabug captures the user steps, a screenshot, all device details to help you know exactly how and why the bug happened without going back to your testers. We want you to spend your time fixing this bug rather than trying to reproduce it.

Keep Using Your Favorite Tool

No need to learn a new tool or disturb your team's workflow. Integrate with Slack, GitHub, Trello, Jira, Asana, Pivotal and others to forward your bugs over there. Bugs are forwarded with the exact same details available on our dashboard.

Instabug allows us to get feedback from our beta testers and improve the quality of our application in a simple and easy way.
Mustafa Sezgin

Director of Mobile Engineering at SoundCloud

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

When reporting a bug, what you can write in a paragraph can be easily illustrated using a circle and an arrow on a screenshot. Your beta testers will get a screenshot that they can draw on to highlight the bug.

A Video Is Worth a Million ;)

Other than the screenshot, your beta testers can attach screen recordings to show an animation bug or to show you the steps to reproduce a certain bug. They can also narrate the video to describe what they're recording.

Have Conversations with Your Beta Testers

Start engaging your users early on by letting them feel that their feedback is heard. With Instabug, you'll be able to reply back and have a real-time conversation from inside your app.

Understand Bugs Without Asking

No need to wonder why the bug happened. We capture device details, screenshots, user steps, view hierarchy, and network logs to help you understand exactly what went wrong and how to fix it, without getting back to your users.

Ship an App That Doesn't Crash

Everyone hate crashes but the good news is that we'll help you discover this before your app is out in the wild. You’ll get to know when the app crashes, why it did, how many times this occurred and to which users.

Continue Using Your Favorite Tool

Your team is using Jira, GitHub, Trello, Asana or any other bug tracker or project management tool? Keep using it and we'll forward everything over there. How about a notification on Slack whenever your app gets a new bug?

Know Your Most Active Beta Testers

View all your beta testers and see who is sending the most feedback (and maybe reward them), and who didn’t use the new beta build yet (and maybe ping them). And for each user, you can view the full timeline of what they did since they’ve started using your app.

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