Comprehensive In-App Bug Reporting For Mobile Apps

Allow Users to Report Bugs From Your App

With each bug report, we automatically capture a screenshot that your users can draw on to highlight or blur parts of it. Also, your users can attach other screenshots, voice notes, or even attach a screen recording of the app.

Receive 750% More Feedback From Your Beta Testers

User feedback is one of the most important resources any company can have. Make it easier for your beta testers to communicate with you and send you their thoughts on how to make your app better.

Report bugs from your mobile application

Get Super Detailed Bug Reports

Other than the attachments that the user can attach, our SDK grabs all the logs that you need to fix the bug. The SDK automatically attaches automated steps to reproduce, network request logs and view hierarchy inspection. All the data is grabbed automatically with no need for breadcrumbs.

Spend Your Time Creating not Debugging

Debugging and trying to reproduce the bug usually takes a lot more time than fixing it. We’re doing the heavy-lifting for you by getting all the details that you need to know why the bug happened and how to reproduce it, so you can easily fix it.

Super detailed bug reports

Integrate With Your Bug Tracker

Whether you’re using Jira, PivotalTracker, GitHub, Bitbucket, Trello or Asana, we’ve got you covered. We’ve built our integrations with all the bug trackers and we’re continuously adding more.

Automate Your Workflow

Create rules to automate your workflow and control when and how to forward issues your 3rd-party integration. So you can set whenever a new bug is reported, your team gets notified on their channel on Slack and it gets forwarded directly to Jira as an issue there.

Integrate instabug with your bug tracker

Reply Back to Your Users

If you’d like to ask your user for more details or you want to let them know that you’ve fixed this bug, you can easily reply back to them with a press of a button. Users will be notified through email, push notification, and in-app chat notification.

Keep Your Users Engaged

Always keep your users engaged by letting them know that their voice is heard. This maintains the amount of feedback that you get from your users and their retention.

Reply back to your users from instabug

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