Lightweight In-App Crash Reporting for Mobile Apps

Experience a Light Weight Crash Reporter

Whenever your app crashes, Instabug reports this with all the stack trace information on all the running threads. You can also use it to log your handled exceptions or errors even if it doesn’t crash the app.

Know Exactly Why Your App is Crashing

With each crash report, Instabug captures a detailed report of the running environment, the different threads’ states, the steps to reproduce the crash, and the network request logs. All the data is grabbed automatically with no need for breadcrumbs.

Detailed crash report of the running environment and the different threads’ states

Get Insights and Spot Patterns

Instead of viewing thousands of crashes one by one, you can view them aggregated into charts to help you get an overview on your app performance and how it changes over time.

Be on Top of Your Users

You can easily view how your app is performing on different devices and on different OSes. Find out if the latest version is performing better than its predecessors, and what your users are experiencing while using the app.

Aggregated crashes charts to help you get an overview on your app performance

Integrate With Your Bug Tracker

Whether you’re using Jira, PivotalTracker, GitHub, Bitbucket, Trello or Asana, we’ve got you covered. We’ve built our integrations with all the bug trackers and we’re continuously adding more.

Automate Your Workflow

Create rules to automate your workflow and control when and how to forward issues your 3rd-party integration. So you can set whenever a new crash is reported, your team gets notified on their channel on Slack and it gets forwarded directly to Jira as an issue there.

Forward your crash report to your tracking tools

Reply Back to Your Users

If you’d like to ask your user for more details or you want to let them know that you’ve fixed this crash, you can easily reply back to them with a press of a button. Users will be notified through email, push notification, and in-app chat notification.

Bring Your Users Back

Instead of losing your users to crashes, bring them back by fixing their issues right away. And with in-app chat, you’ll be automatically bringing them back into the app to view your reply.

Reply back to your users

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