Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instabug?

Instabug is providing in-app feedback and bug reporting to mobile apps. It provides a seamless way for two-way communication with users, while providing detailed environment report for developers.

How does Instabug work?

It starts with the mobile app developer integrating our SDK into the app in a process that takes less than a minute to be done. Then whenever a user wants to send a feedback, all they need to do is shake the device to get our feedback form that includes a screenshot of the app that can be annotated to highlight the part relevant to the feedback. As soon as the user presses the submit button, the developer is notified instantly with a full environment report to check it. The developer can collaborate with the rest of the team on fixing the bugs reported by tagging, commenting, or assigning them. Instabug also integrates with other bug tracking and project management tools that you can select to have your bugs forwarded there. And finally, you can use Instabug to communicate back to the user who reported the bug that the bug has been resolved.

What if I'm already using the shake gesture in my app?

We offer several other gestures out of the box to choose from; the shake, the screenshot (lock+home), right-edge swipe and a floating button. You can also code your own gesture or have a button in your app that invokes our SDK. Check our documentation page for more details.

What kind of details does the SDK track?

Our SDK grabs each and every single detail that helps developers trace their bugs easily: Device model & iOS version, memory & storage details, carrier & WiFi, battery details, app version & build number, user location & duration of using the app, the app's console log, and the detailed user steps that the user did before reporting the bug.

Which bug tracking and project management tools does Instabug integrate with?

As of now, we integrate with: Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Codebase, Fogbugz, GitHub, Jira, Pivotal, Slack, and Sprintly. We continuously add support for more tools, so let us know if you want to integrate with any other tool.

How does the SDK affect my app's performance?

We've made sure that the SDK runs with minimal footprint, using the least memory and processing power inorder not to affect your app in anyway. Hence, while Instabug is running in the background, it consumes negligible memory and processing power.

How will the SDK affect my app size?

The iOS SDK is a static library, which means that the SDK is in a precompiled format, and gets linked at compile time while building the app. The size of the SDK itself varies every version, but the overhead size in your final app is around 1MB.

Does Instabug support games?

Yes, we support games developed using OpenGL ES, and other frameworks.

Does Instabug support live apps (app-store-safe)?

Yes, actually most our users use Instabug to communicate with their users.

How much will it cost me to use Instabug?

When you first sign up, you'll automatically get a 14-days free trial on our Silver package and after that you'll choose which packages you want to continue using. Check our pricing for more details.

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