Integrate Instabug SDK

Add just one line of code in less than 60 seconds to integrate our SDK into your app. Then submit it to the App Store or the Google Play Store, or send it to your beta testers through any distribution platform.

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Shake Your Phone

Your users and beta testers can now shake* their devices to report bugs or submit their feedback. They can attach an annotated screenshot, voice note or a screen recording to better describe the bug. All done within your app with zero interruption to their experience!

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* If you don't like the shake, you can change it to any other gesture or even link it to a feedback button. Read more about our SDK customizability.

View Bug Reports

With each feedback or bug your users submit, we capture all the details that you need to know. Environment details like OS, device, current view and network connectivity status are all grabbed automatically with minimal effort for your users.

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The easy shake-for-feedback has meant that all our dogfooders feel comfortable filing bugs. And best of all with screenshots, annotations, and descriptions the bug reports that we're getting are consistently high quality and actionable.
Jeff Harris

PM at Nextdoor


Spot the Problem

Whether it’s a bug or crash report, a super detailed report is attached. The SDK automatically attaches automated steps to reproduce, network requests logs and view hierarchy inspection. All that data is grabbed automatically with no need for breadcrumbs or manual inputs.

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Instabug worked flawlessly after integrating it, and even better after linking it with JIRA. This turned out to be great for us as we can now rely on our own team as we grow instead of relying on a 3rd party testing team.
Matt King

Software Engineer at Tilt

Reply Back And Start A Conversation

Whether it’s a bug or crash, you can reply back and ask for more details or tell your users that you fixed it. And instead of doing that through emails, bring them back to the app and chat with them in-app. This proved to have a huge impact on retention and engagment rates.

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Integrate With Your Favourite Tools

We don't want to interrupt your existing workflow so we've built integrations with favorite tools to help you forward the incoming issues over there. Integrate with your existing bug tracker or with your help desk or with Slack, or with all of that!

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