Customizable In-App Surveys for Mobile Apps

Collect Feedback with In-App Surveys

No more emails or pop-outs. Survey your users right inside your app with text field, multiple choice, or star rating answers. Customize your surveys to match your app’s brand colors.

Experience More Feedback, Less Interruptions

No need to block your app's UI or disrupt your user experience to ask for feedback. Instabug’s in-app surveys are easily dismissable with only one smart follow-up reminder.

Collect Feedback Through In-app Surveys

Send NPS Surveys with App Store Reviews

Measure user loyalty and satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score, and take action. Ask your users how likely they are to recommend your app to a friend or colleague on a scale of 1-10.

Eliminate Negative Comments, Increase Positive Reviews

Catch negative comments before they reach the app stores by asking Passives and Detractors (1-8) how you can improve. Easily target Promoters (9-10) who are most likely to leave five-star reviews and ask them to rate your app in the app stores.

Send NPS Surveys and Redirect Most Satisfied Users to App Store Reviews

Send Targeted and Opt-In Surveys

Send targeted surveys to specific user segments, like those using a specific app version, new users, or your most loyal users. Take full control and manually define exactly when and where your in-app surveys are shown using a token.

Pick Your Audience to Ask

Create multiple surveys for different target audiences by defining custom conditions. Get accurate data to inform your product development.

Pick Your Audience and Send Targeted Surveys

Reply to Surveys In-App

Reply to survey respondents or view an existing thread from within each survey on the Instabug dashboard.

Collect More Detailed Feedback

Get in touch with your survey respondents to better understand your users’ needs, strengthen your relationship with your users, and motivate them to engage even more.

Reply to Surveys In-app

Analyse Survey Responses

Filter survey responses by timeframe, keyword, specific user, NPS score, and replies for each survey you publish. See a visual representation of their answers in the Instabug dashboard.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get powerful insights from your users’ aggregated replies. Learn the most frequently used keywords in text-field answers as well as the distribution of responses for multiple-choice answers and star ratings.

Analyze Survey Responses and Make Data-Driven Decisions

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