Retain and Engage Users in Your Live App

Stop talking with your users through email and start bringing these conversations inside your app. Engage with your users, listen to their feedback and let them feel that their voices are heard!

More 5 Star Reviews

Reduce negative reviews by 80% by being proactive. Offer your users a channel of feedback that they can use to reach out to you, instead of the store.

Ship a Better App

Your users will abandon your app if it's buggy. That's a fact! So we'll give you all the details you need to fix bugs faster than they can even notice.

Turn Angry Users to Loyal Fans

People love when they feel that their voices are heard. Reply back to your angry users and have a conversation in your app. They'll absolutely love you for that!

As soon as we integrated the SDK and saw our first bug report we knew that we’d made the right choice. It was just so easy and seamless! Now we have instant feedback from our users, which is greatly accelerating product development.
Darius Emrani

Mobile App PM at Yahoo

Let Your Users Talk to You, Not to the App Store

Give your users a simple and private way to provide feedback, and report bugs instead of going to app stores.

Drop the Email Composer

Treat your users to an exceptional in-app support experience, and not the decade old email composer that has the reputation of being discarded.

Make It Easier for Them to Express Themselves

Why limit your users to text-based feedback. Wouldn’t it be great if they can send a screenshot or a voice note from their app?

Chat With Your Users. Real Time!

Provide a full native experience for your users and turn your app into your communications channel.

Continue Using Your Favorite Tool

Using Zendesk or Freshdesk to do support? Keep using it and we'll forward everything over there.

Understand the Problems Your Users Are Facing

We capture device details, screenshots and user steps to help you understand exactly what's wrong in your app.

Ship an App That Doesn't Crash

Everyone hates crashes but the good news is that we'll help you know why your app is crashing, how many times it did and with which users.

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