Bug Reporting and User Feedback for Cordova

Take your app quality and stability to the next level with the Instabug SDK for Cordova.

Bug Reporting and User Feedback for Cordova

Receive Detailed Bug Reports From Your Native Cordova Apps

See network logs for server issues, examine view hierarchy in 3D for UI bugs, and get device and session data to help triage, investigate, and fix problems faster.


Simple Steps to Get Started

  • 1- Open your command line and navigate to your project directory. Then, run the following command.
    cordova plugin add instabug-cordova

IOS Configuration

  • 2- To start using Instabug in your iOS app, initialize the SDK through the activate method. It takes as parameter your app token, the desired invocation event and a range of optional parameters.
      { ios: "YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE"
        commentRequired: true,
        colorTheme: "dark"
      function () {
        console.log("Instabug initialized.");
      function (error) {
        console.log("Instabug could not be initialized - " + error);

Android Configuration

  • 3- To start using Instabug in your Android app, change the name of the application class in your
    "AndroidManifest.xml" file to android:name="com.instabug.cordova.plugin.MyApplication" Then, Replace "ANDROID_APP_TOKEN" in MyApplication class with your App Token which you will get on signup. You can find this class under the following path "YourProjectName/plugins/com.instabug.cordova.plugin/src/android/MyApplication.java".
You can also check out our API Reference for more detailed information about our SDK.

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