Bug Reporting and User Feedback for Xamarin

Save time and release with confidence with the Instabug SDK for Xamarin.

Bug Reporting and User Feedback for Xamarin

Receive Detailed Bug Reports From Your Native Xamarin Apps

See network logs for server issues, examine view hierarchy in 3D for UI bugs, and get device and session data to help triage, investigate, and fix problems faster.


Engage Users and Get Valuable Insights

Motivate your users and engage even more by sending them in-app surveys. Measure user loyalty and satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score, take action to eliminate negative reviews, and increase 5 star ratings and users’ loyalty.


Simple Steps to Get Started

  • 1- From Visual Studio project navigator, expand ProjectName.Droid, right click on the Packages folder, then, click on Add Packages.
  • 2- Search for "instabug-for-android". Then, click on Add Package.
  • 3- Repeat the previous steps for ProjectName.iOS.

IOS Configuration

  • 4- To start using Instabug in your iOS app, add the following line in the FinishedLaunching method inside the AppDelegate class.
    Instabug.StartWithToken ("YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE", IBGInvocationEvent.Shake);

Android Configuration

  • 5-To start using Instabug in your Android application, add the following line in the OnCreate method inside the MainApplication class.
    new Instabug.Builder(this, YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE")
You can also check out our API Reference for more detailed information about our SDK.

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