The Most Comprehensive Bug Reporting Tool for Mobile Apps

Improve your app quality by receiving bug reports and feedback from testers during development or from your users when your app is live.

The Most Comprehensive Bug Reporting Tool for Mobile Apps
An illustration of the Instabug modal on a mobile phone and an annoted screenshot

Receive In-App Bug Reports

Your testers and users can shake their devices to report bugs or send feedback. They can attach annotated screenshots, voice notes, or screen recordings to better describe the problem. All done within your app with zero interruption to their experience. You can change the shake to any other gesture or even link it to a button in your app.

Get Detailed Logs and Metadata

With each feedback or bug your users submit, we automatically capture all the details you need to know why users are facing issues with your code. See steps to reproduce, console logs, network request logs, view hierarchy inspection, and more, along with a full overview of the session details.

A screenshot of the Instabug dashboard showing various device and network details attached with each bug report
A screenshot of Instabug's dashboard of a conversation with a user and a mobile phone showing the conversation on the user's phone

Reply Back to Users and Automate Your Workflow

Send your users in-app chats to ask for more information or let them know that their issue has been fixed. Create rules with third-party integrations so whenever a new bug is reported, your team gets notified or it gets forwarded as an issue.

An illustration showing Instabug logo connected to other famous 3rd party tools indicating it's compatibility with them

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Tools

Maintain your existing workflow. The Instabug SDK works with the top tools for bug tracking, project management, support desks, and more. Whether you're using Jira, GitHub, Slack, Trello, Zendesk, or others, we have you covered.

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