Instabug Bug Reporting overview

Bug Reporting

Debug and Fix Issues Faster

The most comprehensive bug reporting tool in the market for mobile development. Make it easier for your testers and users to submit bugs and get all the details you need to investigate, understand, and easily fix any issues and improve your app quality.


Crash Reporting

Monitor Release Stability

Save time and quickly figure out exactly why your app is crashing with detailed reports built by developers for developers. Reply to affected users to ask for more information or update them about a fix. Stay on top of errors and strengthen the stability and performance of your app.

Instabug Crash Reporting overview
Instabug Surveys overview

Surveys and Announcements

Collect Valuable User Insights

Leverage survey data to improve your users’ experience with your app and increase positive reviews. Use customizable in-app surveys that get more replies than out-of-context surveys to ask product, design, support, and marketing-related questions. Identify promoters and detractors using the Net Promoter Score and take action to win users’ hearts.


In-App Feedback

Directly Connect with Customers

Boost response rates with the Instabug SDK’s contextual in-app feedback experience. Receive actionable user feedback to make informed product decisions. Use the data you collect to test new hypotheses, iterate faster, enhance your users' experience, and drive five-star reviews.

Instabug In-App Feedback overview

In-App Chat

Drive Positive User Engagement

Reply back as needed to users who have experienced a bug or crash, sent feedback, or responded to a survey. Enhance your support experience by allowing your users to directly send you messages from your app. Use saved replies and auto-forward tickets to your other tools for easier management.

Instabug In-App Chats
Instabug Feature Requests overview

Feature Requests

For Customer-Driven Development

Give your users a voice, understand their needs, and determine their most common pain points to help you build features that your users love. Your users can submit feature requests and vote on other submitted ideas right inside your app to help prioritize your backlog.


Support for Multiple Platforms

In less than a minute, integrate the Instabug SDK for iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter, and Unity mobile apps.

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