Automated repro-steps, delivered!

Automatically know how to reproduce the bug or crash. Instead of filling in the steps to reproduce, we'll be tracking the application events, view hierarchy changes or touch events and logging this into the bug report that you get.

Instabug’s messaging ability has enabled us to quickly close the loop with testers and keep them engaged as vital members of our testing team. I can’t see us continuing to develop our app without it.
Talton Figgins

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Application Events

Track background and foreground actions, and when the top view changes. You will be able to track which views did the users report the most bugs.

Touch Events

Get the list of UI elements that were pressed before the bug occurred. This will tell you exactly how to reproduce the bug on your machine.

View Hierarchy Changes

View the full hierarchy of UI elements at the time of the bug or crash report to be able to better troubleshoot UI-related issues.

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