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Instabug featured in Startup Arabia book by Amir Hegazi

Startup Arabia: Untold Stories Featuring Instabug

A new book, Startup Arabia, tells “the untold stories of the high-tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East who are creating one of the most vibrant and fertile tech hubs in the world today.” Written by Amir Hegazi, Co-founder of intoMENA Group and lifelong entrepreneur, the book features 22 interviews with the Arab World’s leading startup founders, including…

Beta Test Rewards

How To Reward Your Mobile App Beta Testers

Getting beta testers to provide quality feedback is a notorious challenge in mobile app development. Only one out of every five testers you get will actually give feedback, and the biggest problem reported about beta testing is not getting enough actionable feedback. With beta testers, you’re dealing with a community of professional technical testers and…

Beta Testing Questions

What to Ask Your Beta Testers to Get Better Feedback

The biggest problem with beta testing that mobile app developers and product managers report is not getting enough useful feedback. We define a beta test as the last testing stage before your app’s launch that targets real users. Making the most of your beta tests requires expertly coordinating a cluster of moving parts, including selecting relevant testers, coaxing…