App ideas

Million-Dollar App Ideas

What the world needs now is apps, more apps. So we’ve decided to help the world out a little bit with our snazzy app ideas generator, the AppVault 5000. Any mad profits you make from our ideas are yours. You’re welcome. How does the AppVault 5000 work? It’s easy! The AppVault 5000 is loaded with…

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organizing mobile app user feedback

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback

Instabug speeds up your development process by enabling users to file context-rich bug reports in seconds with the shake of a phone. But did you know Instabug can also streamline your mobile app user feedback process? Whether you’re a developer, product manager, or customer support specialist, you’ll find ways to accelerate your workflow by using…

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A Day Without Apps

Remember what life was like before the whole thing fit in your pocket? Uhhh… not really. Stepping into the fog of nostalgia, millennial being Charlotte Swan ditches apps for the day and studies her way through the history of smartphones and their companions, mobile apps. What if your phone were just a phone? How would…

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