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Mobile Device Management Tools

Top Mobile Device Management Tools

Any mobile phone that stores, or has access to company data, poses a security threat or vulnerability. And in the age of the smartphone, there are more mobile devices than ever that need to connect to your network and have access to sensitive data. This is where mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management…

Feature Flag Tools

Top Mobile Feature Flag Tools in 2018

Thanks to the flexibility and control it gives developers over their apps, feature flag tools are seeing wide adoption in the industry. They allow for quicker development and enable you to experiment, A/B test, and personalize your app to different users. However, using an in-house solution for feature flagging can be too time-consuming to implement…

What Is Beta Testing

What Is Beta Testing?

Since the rise of web 2.0, the practice of beta testing has steadily been gaining in popularity. However, the confusion about what beta testing really is and what benefits it can offer has been increasing at almost the same pace.     What Is Beta Testing?   There is no standard for what a beta…