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Integrate Instabug With Your Favorite Tool
Continue using the tool of your choice and forward all issues from Instabug's bug reporting SDK to focus on what matters from one place. Whether it's your bug tracker like Jira, communication tool like Slack, or support desk like Zendesk. You name it, we got it!
Receive Detailed Issues

Keep your team’s efforts in one place as they receive detailed bug reports directly in the bug tracker you use. Whether it’s Jira, GitHub and more, we built dozens of integrations to help your team focus on what matters, “fixing” not tracking.

Get Notified Instantly

Whenever your users are asking for help we will notify you instantly on the tool of your choice without needing to switch between different apps. Integrate Instabug with Slack, HipChat and more to forward bugs and feedback on the spot.

Reply To Support Tickets In-App

Streamline your team’s workflow and have all incoming tickets and conversations forwarded directly to your designated help desk. Whether it’s Zendesk, Freshdesk, Desk, or any other user support platforms, reach out to customers wherever they are and access all conversations from one place.

Set Custom Rules For Forwarding

You can set up Instabug to automatically forwarding any incoming bug, feedback or crash to your tool without you having to do anything. Setup it up and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Whatever Integrations you work with, Instabug will forward detailed bug reports and support conversations over there, so you can actually get things done without disrupting your team’s workflow.
As soon as we integrated the SDK and saw our first bug report we knew that we’d made the right choice. It was just so easy and seamless! Now we have instant feedback from our users, which is greatly accelerating product development.
Darius Emrani

Mobile App PM at Yahoo

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